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Adidas: Titan

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The most technically advanced freeride snowboard built by Never Summer. The Titan will provide a smoother ride with a much quicker response than any other freeride snowboard you have ridden. For those who want to experience the ultimate freeride snowboards, Titan provides exclusive laminates, base material, damping system and shape. Never Summer will only produce 650 Titans this season and each of them is individually numbered.

Homepage Never Summer
Type Freeride
Warranty 3 Years


Lightweight wood between hardwood stringers which will result in a progressive flex pattern: stiffer, but torsionally forgiving between the feet with a progressively softer flex towards the tip and tail. this core delivers maximum edge hold, board control and responsiveness.


Greatly reduces vibration and provides unmatched high speed stability and control. Thin elastomeric rubber stringers reduce vibration from the metal edge and surrounding laminates. Stringers below the inserts and under the carbon dampen any additional vibration near the bindings, giving the Titan a smooth riding feel underfoot without sacrificing snap and power throughout the board.


Unlike conventional ABS sidewalls, that have a tendency to crack in colder temperatures, this type of sidewalls maintains their integrity at any temperature.


This type of sidecut makes use of 3 different primary sidecut radiuses. A moderate center radius between the feet helps to stabilize the board at high speed. The more aggressive front radius, from the front foot and the front edge contact points, initiate turns effortlessly. The most aggressive rear radius, from the back foot to the rear contact points, gives the Titan a quick and powerful finish to each turn.


This exclusive, super fast, durable sintered base was made specifically for the Titan. Just the right amount of graphite has been added, making it the fastest that NS has ever used.