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Arbor: A-Frame

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  • 166cm / 170cm / World - Sold Out!
  • 166cm / Hello / World - Sold Out!

This big-mountain freeride-specific board is the answer for those riders who are looking for on-edge performance. The A-Frame’s was designed to lock into and hold a deeply carved line and provide tighter edge control in the steeps. It creates a solid landing platform and adds power edge-to-edge with its beefed up tail. And if that’s not good enough for you, a structural real-wood topsheet, made with Hoa, Maple, and Walnut should seal the deal.

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Type Freeride
Warranty 2 Years


The A-Frame is made with full-length real-wood top-sheets. The structural wood-top gives each board that custom old school look, while improving performance and durability. The wood-top acts like a third layer of fiberglass. Resin locks the dense natural fibers into place turning the top-sheet into a structural layer. As a result, the wood-top boards are built lighter and end up stronger and more responsive.


Running carbon fiber out to the contact points from the inserts creates a structural A-Frame that increases the torsional flex in the nose and tail without affecting the torsional flex between the bindings. This preserves turn initiation while increasing on-edge performance.


Pioneered by Never Summer, P-tex sidewalls provide maximum durability and edge control.


These metallic elements, when combined and blended into a base material, help eliminate speed reducing static electricity that is generated between a board and snow while in motion. Both elements also help conduct heat from a base, improving the friction ratio and further increasing speed in all types of snow.


A balanced, more responsive flex pattern is achieved in Wood-Top boards by blending biax and triax fiberglass into a quad-directional lay-up. This quad-directional lay-up compliments the structural wood topsheet layer used on these boards.

2×4 12-Pack Inserts

Added adjustability when mounting your bindings.